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Locate a Bishop Storehouse in your Area and Learn How to Find a Bishop Storehouse

A Bishop Storehouse is a term used by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In most cases, it represents a specific location where food and common household items are stored, waiting to be distributed to those in need. The bishop of the congregation is the one responsible for managing the […]

Bishop Storehouse Traditions for LDS Members – What are Bishop Storehouses For?

The bishop Storehouse is a very important tradition of the LDS community. The storehouse is meant to hold goods and food for those in need, especially in critical conditions like when a disaster occurs. There is a very good aspect about these kinds of storehouses. Families which are in need, or any members of the […]

How do LDS Members Use and Find Bishop Storehouse in Their Area

A bishop storehouse is usually a building in which the LDS community’s bishop will keep donations given out by members of the church. These donations are usually in the form of money – the bishop is in charge of purchasing what is needed for the storehouse. Most of the goods held within are food and […]

Origins of the Bishop Storehouse System – Why LDS Members Locate Bishop Storehouses

The bishop storehouse became a trademark of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints since 1831 when Joseph Smith Jr. had a revelation from the Lord, in which he was told to store the food in order to give it to the poor and needy. Since then, the storehouses evolved and became ever […]

When Preparedness Supplies aren’t Enough – Turn to a Bishop Storehouse in Times of Need

A bishop storehouse is your preparedness option for when your own supplies aren’t enough or aren’t accessible. In case of a disaster, LDS members are taught to keep some supplies around the house. These supplies vary, based on what the member can afford and what he or she thinks will need in case of an […]

How To Find A Bishop Storehouse Near You

First of all, you might wonder why you would be interested in finding a bishop storehouse near from where you live. Well, it is true that we humans are very adaptive and inventive – but this only goes so far. At certain points, we have to accept defeat on one level or the other. And […]

Bishop Storehouse Locations

Bishop Storehouses are a place where members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints keep stored goods and common household items for those in need. The Bishop is the one in charge of the storehouse, hence its name. Every LDS congregation is led by a bishop who works in strong ties with […]

LDS Bishop Storehouse Purpose

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints serves its congregations well by providing aid to those in need, be it material or spiritual. One of the top and foremost means by which this aid is distributed is what is known as a Bishop’s Storehouse. LDS Bishop Storehouses act as a place where food, […]

Bishop Storehouse General

A Bishop Storehouse is a place where most types of goods (food, materials and household items) are stored and kept until someone needs some of them. They are actually a tradition among the LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). It is said that the prophet Joseph Smith, among the other […]