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LDS Distribution Center

If you ever wondered where you can get items at the cheapest possible prices or even free, you have come to the right place. The LDS Distribution Center is a chain of online and physical shopping locations.

At a LDS distribution center you can find a lot of things, ranging from books to games, food, clothing and common household items. Of course, for the most part, the products are aimed at LDS members – but there are products available for the general public too.

The most important thing you can get is food in bulk. This is available for members and non-members alike. Furthermore, it can also be ordered online, granted you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Simply login ( and start shopping! If you don’t have an account, you can create one easily – and it’s free!

Bulk food is great to get from the LDS distribution center. Not only is it cheap, but it is (for the most part) a product of the church. The LDS community has grown exponentially and now we also have terrains we use for agricultural purposes. That being said, the goods produced in those fields are taken to canneries which are also owned by the church. From those canneries, it is distributed either to LDS distribution centers around the world or to bishop’s storehouses.

If you are looking to stack up some emergency preparedness food, then you need look no longer. There is a wide range of food available – from grains, pasta and already prepared food which you only need heat. And the greatest thing about it is the long shelf life. The canned foods can last for even 40 years and for some foods, it is unknown for how much they last because they are still good even after more years!

The long shelf life, the good prices, the 24/7 availability around the world and cheap or even free shipping costs (free for the US, Canada and the Caribbean) make your choice to shop at LDS distribution centers around the world a safe, handy and worthwhile experience.

But do not think that the goods only amount to those you need in case of emergencies. There are plenty of books, CDs, movies, memorabilia and other goods as well. You can get garments, paintings and lots of other cheap stuff – it’s like for Mormons!

So, if you decide to go out and buy some stuff from your local stores, think twice. Low prices, long shelf life for foods, free shipping and a great community out there to help you with what you need are important aspects you might not get anywhere else, except from a LDS distribution center near you. So don’t waste time – find out a center near you and check out the goods they have available.

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