LDS Distribution Center

The long shelf life, the good prices, the 24/7 availability around the world and cheap or even free shipping costs (free for the US, Canada and the Caribbean) make your choice to shop at LDS distribution centers around the world a safe, handy and worthwhile experience.

But do not think that the goods only amount to those you need in case of emergencies. There are plenty of books, CDs, movies, memorabilia and other goods as well. You can get garments, paintings and lots of other cheap stuff – it’s like for Mormons!

So, if you decide to go out and buy some stuff from your local stores, think twice. Low prices, long shelf life for foods, free shipping and a great community out there to help you with what you need are important aspects you might not get anywhere else, except from a LDS distribution center near you. So don’t waste time – find out a center near you and check out the goods they have available.

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