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LDS Distribution Center: Disaster Preparedness and emergency supplies

In case of disasters, the crucial things you need are water, food and emergency supplies. The LDS church has always put emphasis on preparedness and if you haven’t already stocked up your goods, it is best you do it now. And what better place to get them than from a church-owned chain of stores called […]

Find the LDS Bishops Storehouse: All over the world

A bishops storehouse is a place where food and general goods are stored in order to make them available at any time for people in need. If a church member finds himself or herself in need of help, they would only need to fill out a form (the bishops storehouse order) and then the Bishop […]

The Bishops Storehouse has developed tremendously

The bishops storehouse is a concept which started in 1831 through Joseph Smith. He was granted a revelation informing him to open a storehouse wherein products ought to be conserved and also stored for when the poor require them. Essentially, it was to be a normal storehouse in which foods originating from donations be held […]

A very old Bishops storehouse in Lindon

There are a lot of bishops storehouses all across the world. But there is a special one – the bishops storehouse Lindon. Lindon is a city in Utah, United States. With a population of just over 10,000, Lindon hosts a very old bishops storehouse. The bishops storehouse Lindon was left in the hands of time […]

Bishop Storehouse: An LDS Community Tradition

The bishop Storehouse is a very important tradition of the LDS community. The storehouse is meant to hold goods and food for those in need, especially in critical conditions like when a disaster occurs. There is a very good aspect about these kinds of storehouses. Families which are in need, or any members of the […]

Bishop storehouse locations: The Deseret Transportation program

Bishop storehouse locations are extended everywhere across the planet. They have got just one objective – assist the poor as well as needy and also offer products to individuals who are not able to pay for them. Whilst generally the solutions supplied at the storehouse are for LDS members, you will discover situations when the […]

LDS Distribution Center

If you ever wondered where you can get items at the cheapest possible prices or even free, you have come to the right place. The LDS Distribution Center is a chain of online and physical shopping locations. At a LDS distribution center you can find a lot of things, ranging from books to games, food, […]

LDS Bishops Storehouse Locations

Almost since the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been in existence, the Bishops Storehouse has been and still is a very important aspect of Mormon belief. Most storehouses were regional in the beginning, each congregation funding and supplying its own. But now, LDS bishops storehouse locations are upgraded to a more […]

What is the relationship between the bishop and Social Services?

A bishops storehouse is a place where members of the LDS community can come to and receive aid in times of trouble or disaster. The funding needed to run the bishops storehouse comes directly from the LDS community which is asked to donate a modest sum every first Sunday of the month. This tradition is […]

Restoration of the Lindon Bishop’s Storehouse

Lindon is aiming to rally its citizens to conserve a large chunk of the city’s background. The Bishop’s Storehouse and Tithing Barn was built in 1890 to ensure that citizens might provide one tenth of their harvests to the congregation. Over time, the property was converted into a house, increased on to, after that converted […]