What is the relationship between the bishop and Social Services?

The work needed to maintain, organize and stock up the storehouse is done for the most part by volunteers. This is a tradition that ensures that the storehouse runs smoothly at all times and with the lowest costs possible. It is also a custom for the Church to ask the people it helps with social cases to give back something for the help they received. This usually means volunteer work at the storehouse and, if the person has no stable job, then further, more permanent solutions (like a job provided by the Employment Resource Center) might be in order.

The president of the Relief Society, along with the bishop is running the storehouse. Only these two people can give out passes to social cases. In instances where people need help but they have no means of getting to the storehouse, the Deseret transport system may be used, if deemed necessary. This is done by the bishop in charge of the parish from which the person in need of help is.

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