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Bishops Storehouse Springville

A bishops storehouse is a concept used within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. At the present time, it is basically a store in which people go into but they do not have to pay. In special circumstances, the products are also delivered to people that cannot go to the physical location themselves.

The first mention of this concept is pinned by Joseph Smith who had a revelation about bishops storehouses. He was told that he should build a building which would be used exclusively to store food and goods for the poor. Over the years, much has changed, of course. Primarily, the Church only accepted donations in the form of foods and goods. In time, the Church decided that it would be best to ask for cash instead. This way, the bishop, along with the president of the Relief Society can figure out exactly what goods are needed to be stored in the storehouse.

For example, if the storehouse is full of grain, then it would be redundant to buy even some more, especially if there would be no meat stored. So the bishop in charge checks out a list and decides which goods are missing and what stocks are dwindling and makes the necessary purchases.

Volunteers work inside the storehouse in order to make sure that the goods are properly stocked and placed in their respective enclosures. Most establishments, like the bishops storehouse Springville have industrial freezers as well. The workers are given special instructions and training when working in the storehouse. In time, the skill set they develop there might and will help them find better, stable, well-paid jobs.

No one is asked to work at a storehouse like the bishops storehouse Springville for a long time. If they are unemployed, then it is in the Church’s best interest to find that person a job. The Employment Resource Center does exactly this. However, people who do receive some help from the bishops storehouse are required to do some volunteer work at the storehouse as compensation for the aid they got.

The bishops storehouse Springville also features a homeless center. Yet, along with the Employment Resource Center, there are a great deal of other facilities that are integrated within the storehouse. For example, there is the Deseret Transportation Service which helps deliver goods in hard to access areas and to people with no means of transportation. Welfare Centers can also be found, alongside Relief Society Centers, Family Resource Centers and other services related to the LDS Church.

You can find the bishops storehouse Springville at 1672 West 700 South, Springville, UT 84663 or by calling (801) 491-7359. If you are in need of help, be sure to complete the order form and wait for an answer from the bishop or the President of the Local Relief Society. As with all bishops storehouses, the bishops storehouse Springville is abundant in goods and food items to suit each and every one. Even if you have dietary restrictions, there is surely something there for you as well.

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