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A very old Bishops storehouse in Lindon

There are a lot of bishops storehouses all across the world. But there is a special one – the bishops storehouse Lindon. Lindon is a city in Utah, United States. With a population of just over 10,000, Lindon hosts a very old bishops storehouse.

The bishops storehouse Lindon was left in the hands of time many years ago. Currently, efforts to reconstruct and recondition parts of the storehouse are being made in Lindon. Many citizens are displeased knowing this important part of their city has been left to get so bad.

The building has over 120 years in age so it is no wonder that nature and the elements took their toll over it. There are a few additions to the building – mostly from periods in which it was used as a home by several families. But now, people demand the city restore it to its original state – and that’s the bishops storehouse Lindon.

The bishops storehouse Lindon features a hay barn, a granary along with a corn crib and a potato cellar. In the old days, the grains and other products stored there were used to pay the city’s teachers.

A main scope of the restoration act is to bring the building to a functional state. Nobody wants a miracle to happen overnight and turn the building into the magnificent one it was before. But citizens do want that it be recognized and used to host several town functions. In time and through donations, maybe there will be hope to restore the storehouse to its original purpose.

A bishops storehouse is a concept within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The main purpose of the storehouse is to store food and common household items, making them readily available to those who need them. A bishop or the local Relief Society president will accept order forms from people in need of help. After reviewing these forms, one or the other will decide whether the person will receive help and what kind of help he or she will receive.

Since the beginning, bishop’s storehouses were funded exclusively by the Church and its members. Fast offerings are held every first Sunday of a month in which people are asked to fast for two meals. The money saved thus is to be donated to the church. The bishop then takes the money and decides what to spend it for – all for products for the storehouse. Otherwise, the bishop might want to buy some property in which the Church can grow its very own produce. The LDS Church also has canneries which are used to properly pack the produce and then send it to storehouses that need it.

The bishops storehouse Lindon was once one such structure. If people put their minds and hearts together, it can be one once again. The Church will likely offer its help once a considerable amount of money has been raised and the storehouse will once again start its work in the Lindon parish.

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