A very old Bishops storehouse in Lindon

Since the beginning, bishop’s storehouses were funded exclusively by the Church and its members. Fast offerings are held every first Sunday of a month in which people are asked to fast for two meals. The money saved thus is to be donated to the church. The bishop then takes the money and decides what to spend it for – all for products for the storehouse. Otherwise, the bishop might want to buy some property in which the Church can grow its very own produce. The LDS Church also has canneries which are used to properly pack the produce and then send it to storehouses that need it.

The bishops storehouse Lindon was once one such structure. If people put their minds and hearts together, it can be one once again. The Church will likely offer its help once a considerable amount of money has been raised and the storehouse will once again start its work in the Lindon parish.

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