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LDS Bishops storehouse: Central Part of Mormon Belief

LDS Bishops storehouse locations are primarily concentrated in the US, Mexico and Canada, although as the LDS community grows, more and more are built around the world, especially in places where there is dire need of help.

Everybody can ask for help at any of the LDS bishops storehouse locations and the bishop in charge will decide if the person in question is eligible. In case of disasters, the storehouses will function as a distribution center, helping people deal with their material losses. Non-church members can also receive aid, if the bishop deems it appropriate.

In Canada, you will be able to find LDS bishops storehouse locations in Alberta at the Calgary Center (7040 Farrell Road SE) and the Cardston Center (327 4th Avenue W.). In Ontario, you can go to the Toronto Center (10060 Bramalea Road) and in Quebec at the Montreal Center (1420 Boulevard Marie-Victorin).

Most LDS bishops storehouse locations feature only the storehouse, but the Church is committed to changing that soon. Some will also feature an Employment Resource Center Office, a Family Services Office, a Deseret Industries Office, a Distribution Services store and Welfare Offices. All these resources are dedicated to helping the Mormon community in times of need. Even more so, in case of disasters, the LDS church will also involve itself in helping everybody in need – like it was when Hurricane Katrina hit.

Mexico features a large number of LDS bishops storehouse locations. Among them, you will find the Ciudad de Juárez Center (Gregorio M. Solis #209), the Guadalajara Center, the Hermosillo Center, Mérida Center, Mexico City Temple Center (Av. 510 #90, Colonia San Juan de Aragon), Monterrey Center, Oaxaca Center, Tampico Center, Tuxtla Gutiérrez Center, Veracruz Center and the Villahermosa center (Av. 27 de Febrero #1802). There is an LDS bishops storehouse in the Caribbean as well – the Dominican Republic Center (Calle Santiago 112, Gazcue).

The LDS Bishops storehouse is a central part of the Mormon belief system. It helps by providing people with an alternative preparedness option. Most LDS members are advised that they should have at all times at least 3 days’ worth of food and water supplies in case of emergencies. However, this is not mandatory and so, there will always be some members who either refuse, cannot afford or are unaware that disaster is just waiting to happen – and they will probably pay no heed to the church official’s instructions. But if something does happen and it hits them unprepared, then the church will use its storehouse resources to help these people.

The great thing about the LDS bishops storehouse is that it costs almost nothing, given the fact that most of the work done to maintain it is volunteer work. People who receive help will eventually end up giving themselves a helping hand in the storehouse and if they are unemployed, the Employment Resource Center can and will help them find a stable, permanent job so that they can avoid needing help in the future.

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