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Bishop Storehouse as a local Red Cross

A bishop storehouse is your preparedness option for when your own supplies aren’t enough or aren’t accessible. In case of a disaster, LDS members are taught to keep some supplies around the house. These supplies vary, based on what the member can afford and what he or she thinks will need in case of an emergency. Usually, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints advises its members to keep at least 3 days’ worth of supplies at all times. This includes food, drinking water and basic medical supplies.

But what happens after those 3 days? Some members keep a week’s worth of supplies. Fewer members keep even more than that – they can save up stuff to keep them going for months and that’s great! It’s a great investment and a great way to ensure you and your family is provided for, even in the worst of conditions.

However – there are two drawbacks to any amount of supplies you keep: storage and transportation. Keeping a lot of supplies can be very helpful, if you have the space to keep it. Most people don’t and even if they do, they cannot afford to get so many. Another problem is transportation – if your living environment has been compromised, it will be harder to get it out and deliver it to your current location. Also, supplies can be compromised as well in cases of disasters.

This is when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can help. The bishop storehouse is exactly meant to help you and your family in these kinds of crisis situations. Members can donate money, food and common household items every Sunday during the fast offering. The goods are managed by the bishop and stored in the storehouse where they are arranged and prepared for delivery by the volunteers working there.

Think of the bishop storehouse as your very own local Red Cross. Not only can you get a considerable array of food and household items which you will need to rebuild and survive until the crisis is over – but you’ll also have access to a considerable workforce ready to aid you in any repairs or construction you might need after a disaster. In the end, all donations end up back to those who donated them. It’s a self-reliant, preparedness option available for all church members so it is in your best interest to keep your part of the bargain. All you have to give in return for the help the bishop storehouse provides is go and lend a hand after the crisis is over.

Nearly all congregations have a bishop storehouse. If your does not, take some interest into it and find out how you can help set one up. If that is not a possibility, do not despair – your bishop will organize a fast offering whenever you or another member of the LDS community finds himself or herself in need. By helping others, you will end up helping yourself as well.

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