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LDS Bishops Storehouse are spread all over the world to help you

LDS bishops storehouse locations are spread all around the world. They have a single mission – help the poor and needy and provide goods to people who cannot afford them. While for the most part the services provided at the storehouse are for LDS members, there are instances when the bishop might deem it necessary to help non-members as well.

A perfect example of this is a disaster, like Hurricane Katrina. At that time, the LDS church deployed thousands of packages aimed at helping those affected by the terrible disaster. And for the most part, those people were non-members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The Deseret Transportation service is employed by the storehouse to distribute the goods in the quickest manner possible. Deseret Transportation is also owned by the church and is composed of several trucks, tractors and vans. Also, across the world, the LDS church has bought and developed agricultural areas which can provide some goods to the storehouse. These goods might also be sent to church-owned canneries and from there to the storehouse.

LDS bishops storehouse locations are not bound to the US only. They are spread all over the world, with an emphasis on poor countries which need any help they can get. Even so, there are centers spread all across Europe too. You will find LDS bishops storehouse locations in Denmark (Copenhagen), England (Birmingham, Lancashire and Surrey), Finland (Espoo), Germany (Freiberg), Russia (Moscow), Spain (Madrid), Sweden (Västerhaninge and Zollikofen) and in Ukraine (Kiev).

Most of the LDS bishops storehouse locations are funded and provided for by the members of the LDS church. One Sunday every month (usually the first one), members are asked to fast for two meals and the money saved from this should be donated to the church. Of course, wealthier members are encouraged to give more, if possible. The funds are used to stack up produce, goods and food in the storehouses, but to also maintain them. There are some paid jobs at the storehouse – but most of the work is done by volunteers form the parish associated with the storehouse.

The fact that the members of the church donate money and volunteer at LDS bishops storehouse locations make them extremely self-reliant, easy to maintain and very cheap to sustain. This is important because it is not the LDS church’s aim to spend money – in the end, every piece of food and any goods stored therein will be distributed to people in need. In return, the church only requires the person helped to give a helping hand at the storehouse for a while. If unemployed, the person will receive the opportunity of help from the church Employment Resource Center in order to get a stable, permanent job.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints takes care of its own. Donations should not be regarded as money spent in vain – one day a disaster will happen and it’s always good to know there’s a backup plan for you and your family.

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