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Bishop Storehouse General

A Bishop Storehouse is a place where most types of goods (food, materials and household items) are stored and kept until someone needs some of them. They are actually a tradition among the LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). It is said that the prophet Joseph Smith, among the other doctrines and holy messages that were revealed to him, received another message that urged him to make sure that the needy are provided for and that those provisions be stored away, for whenever the case be to need to distribute them.

And so, inside The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there are a number of over 28,000 congregations. Some of these congregations have a Bishop’s Storehouse. This storehouse is founded and either built or bought by the congregation. Each member chips in with whatever is possible, although money is preferred. This is because not everybody knows what the storehouse lacks and needs – so it is better to leave the person in charge make these decisions and buy whatever is needed.

In a congregation, the Bishop is usually the one in charge of all administrative things and that includes the well running of the storehouse. There is also a committee assigned to the storehouse to supervise everything. People can go to their congregation’s Bishop and ask for help in times of need. If they cannot reach the Bishop, they can go to the Relief Society president and ask about access to the storehouse’s resources. The Relief Society President will then consult with the Bishop who will ultimately decide whether the person is eligible for welfare or not.

We all know that nothing is ever truly “for free” in this world. And it is the way things go all around – you have to give something in return if you want to get something. LDS members are not absurd and they will not make you pay back every nickel and dime you spent from their “coffers”. But you will be requested to do some volunteer work (especially if you do not currently have a job) in exchange for the food and financial aid they will give you. This is something very acceptable and honest – you get what you need to go by and you give something in return to the community.

Bishop Storehouses are managed by missionaries and volunteers who help out when they can. Their job is to keep the storehouse well stocked and make regular inventories, reporting any shortages to the Bishop or the committee. They are also required to distribute the goods or go on the field and collect them. But one of their biggest challenges is keeping the storehouses clean and tidy so that their workplace will uphold to any active health, hygiene and safety regulations.

Whether you have just hit a rough spot and you need a little push to help you back on your feet or have problems of such nature that you are not able to support yourself or your family anymore, the Bishop Storehouse is a reasonable way to get back on your feet and take control of your life once again.

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