What is a Bishop Storehouse? A Lesson from the Bishopric.

The Relief Society is also involved in helping people in congregations. It is an official auxiliary to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints since 1842. The society acts and deals with the role women have and what they must do in order to gain access to eternal life. Their main focus is, like their motto says, “Charity never faileth”.

It is no surprise that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would encourage and even have in the first place a storehouse. They are very well known for their preparedness techniques, making this religion one of the best organized religions out there. The storehouses not only act as a mean to help others, but it is also there to help everybody in case of major disasters. Latter Day Saints or Mormons are also known for their training in dealing with stressful and emergency situations. Most of them already have stored food at home, in case of a disaster. Those that cannot afford to store a little extra will receive the help they need from the local Bishop Storehouse.

Another way in which people can contribute to the storehouse is to make fast offerings. That basically means that every 4 weeks, the Church encourages people not to eat on a Sunday and give the money they would have spent for food to the church. By doing so, the money can be saved up and used in case others need it.

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