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The Bishops Store Jackman Maine

The Bishops Store Jackman Maine refers to a local shop in Jackman, Maine. With only a thousand people living in the area, it is truly a magnificent place to go for a quiet vacation. If you practice hunting, fishing and snowboarding – then all the better.

At the Bishops Store Jackman Maine you can find all the gear you would need to face the colder weather. Shoes, coats and jackets – all can be found at the store. If you fancy some sporting activities like fishing, you’ll find all you need at the store as well.

Furthermore, the town offers a lot of splendid vacation options for all your family. There is the Bishop’s Motel which offers a free continental deluxe breakfast, free Wi-Fi internet connection in every room and even access to public laptops.

The Bishops Store Jackman Maine was first opened in August, 1950. Currently, a third generation since then is running the place. The services were since the beginning offered for passers-by and for residents as well. Paul Levesque was the one who started the tradition of the shop and is continued to this day by his grandson – Raymond Levesque.

The goods provided by Bishops Store Jackman Maine are top notch quality at reasonable prices. At first, the store was merely a gas station that sold some general merchandise on the side. But today, you can find all your favorite sporting goods; have one of Maine’s best pizzas (according to locals), a deli and souvenir shop all in one! Plush toys are also available – especially moose toys which are characteristic of the area.

Bishops Store Jackman Maine is open 7 days a week, all year round. An important service they provide is licensing for hunting and registration of your ATV or snowmobile. It’s really great to be able to get so many things from one shop alone. Furthermore, you can get information on what is happening in the region from the store – things like weather condition, hunting information and road status. If you are a big game hunter, you can also get your registration forms for bears, deer and moose.

All in all, the Store in Jackman Maine may surprise you with the wide array of items available for purchase. It is good to know that there is a place where you can get all you need for a perfect outdoor vacation. If you prefer to rough it up – then bring your tent and make sure you pack lots of warm clothes as it can get really cold at night.

You will be able to find the store at the following address: 464 Main Street Jackman, ME 04945, at the following phone number: (207) 668-3411 and the email address. Remember – open 7 days a week, all year round!

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