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The Bishops Storehouse Mesa AZ

Bishops Storehouse Mesa AZ refers to a bishops storehouse that was built and still functions in Mesa, Arizona.

A bishops storehouse is a place where members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints gather up goods and food in order to distribute them to the poor and needy. The local bishop manages the storehouse and all stored within. But in order to get access to these goods, you would have to get in contact with the President of the local Relief Society or the bishop himself. Once you complete a bishops storehouse order form, you will receive an answer in the shortest time possible. The bishop decides exactly what goods you are entitled to.

As with all storehouses, the Bishops Storehouse Mesa AZ, is practically a free establishment. Volunteers work in the storehouse, making sure all the products are in their designated places and the donations from the LDS community help with other expenses. Furthermore, like in all instances, at the Bishops Storehouse Mesa AZ, people who receive help are asked to help out as volunteers at the storehouse for a while.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to bishops storehouses is that they are self-reliant, for the most part. Donations from members are also used to buy farmland and other agricultural areas in which the Church can grow its own produce which it could sell or distribute to the needy at a later day. Furthermore, the Church also has canneries which it uses to package all products and deliver them to locations as the Bishops Storehouse Mesa AZ.

The concept of a bishops storehouse was first introduced by Joseph Smith when, in one revelation he got, he was told to build a storehouse in which to keep food and supplies for people in need. Since then, the storehouse has evolved to a very sophisticated establishment which incorporates several other serves as well. For example, one might find the Employment Resource Center and the Family Resource Center at a local bishops storehouse.

Transportation to and from the Bishops Storehouse Mesa AZ is done through the Deseret Transportation – a Church-owned service which makes sure that the goods are delivered in a timely manner to those who need it. A perfect example of the Deseret Industry’s capabilities was the disaster left off by Hurricane Katrina. Bishops from all across the country sent goods, food and water supplies to those affected, not taking into account the fact that they are members or not. The LDS supplies were among the first to arrive at the site.

In every single aspect, a bishops storehouse is a facility aimed at helping members and non-members alike in their times of struggle. In case of disasters, the LDS community is willing and ready to lend a helping hand so it is clear that we should grant them the respect they deserve – one day, one of you might need help and a LDS member will be there to help you.

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